Domain Lists

Some webmasters and SEO professionals like to analyze metrics on domain names that will be dropping (or deleting) in the near future. They do this so that on the day their desired domain(s) delete and are available for new registration, they can grab them and become the happy new owner. This is most commonly done manually with software like DesktopCatcher, or by placing a backorder request with software like AutoBackorder that has a third party company catch the domain for you when it becomes available.

Before you can think about how you want to acquire an expired domain with good SEO metrics, you need to know which domains are going to drop in the near future. When someone decides not to renew a domain it enters what’s called the drop cycle. The very last stage of the drop cycle is called the PendingDelete stage. This stage lasts for 5 days and when a domain reaches PendingDelete it cannot be saved by its current owner. That means domains which are on the pending delete lists will definitely drop and become available for new registration. It’s up to you for deciding how to aquire them once you know which expired domains you want!

We suggest visiting the DropCatch Download Center to begin downloading lists of PendingDelete domains. Once you have these lists you can load them into NameChex and begin analyzing them using the Bulk Domain Analyzer feature. Find the domains with metrics you like and proceed to try and get them on the day they drop!

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